Remember when kids used to fail? It was one of the driving forces behind putting your nose to the grindstone after you got that ‘F’ on you midterm report card.  Nowadays they give kids the more benign ‘R’ which stands for remedial.  So what is remedial you ask?  Essentially it means the same as ‘F’ only rather than holding the student back to repeat the grade, they move on anyway without the necessary skills and stand a relatively good chance of receiving the same grade again one year later. What you end up with is a society rife with these kids.

Billy Madison in the 3rd Grade

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Some states in the U.S. are taking a stand against Social Promotion Like in Oklahoma’s Bill 346. You can also check out a video of Secretary designee, Hanna Skandera PED who supports the Bill.

Are we doing kids a favour by using a blanket policy of social promotion or are we churning out adults who believe that if you don’t want to try or have trouble understanding you can give up, it’s O.K.

Rather than just pushing functionally illiterate kids through the grades with a blanket policy of social promotion, how about the ministry providing options that suit all the major players; STUDENTS, PARENTS, EDUCATORS, & TAXPAYERS.  Options like summer curriculum for remedial learners, Catch-up IEP’s (Individual Education Plans) for students who can get caught up in the next grade with a little extra assistance, or in extreme cases, bring back Grade Retention to hold back the learners who just need that extra time to grow.

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